Form 16 Download

Form 16 is an Income Tax regarding form to give salaries their employees. Form 16 is one of the documents associated with tax returns documents. Each employee who are work in the private firm or company they need to fill Income Tax form 16. Form 16 is certified by the Income Tax department that has been deducting salary by the employer. As per the tax rules of India, if the employee’s deducted TDS on their salary they must issue income tax form 16. Every year the form no 16 released once in a year, on before the 31st May.

Form 16 contains two part, part A, and part B. employees must fill all the required information in the shape of part A and B.

  • Form Part A contains following details such as Name and address of the employer, TAN & PAN of the employer, PAN of an employee, the summary of the amount and tax deducted at source thereon in respect of the employee, assessment year, the period of business year and part A have own TDS certificate number.
  • Form Part B contains the following details such as details of salary and any other tax deducted, part B is based on part A it holds the previous TDS information if you are employer on last year then fill all TDS returns are filed that.

Most of the banks and financial firms are use this document as a part of the verification process when you apply for the different loans like housing loan, vehicle loan, consumer loan, etc. In Form 16, all the details are mandatory. It is also known as salary TDS certificate. It is available on the 31st May of the next year. Form 16a is approved by a responsible officeholder of the company so that it is a significant proof of your TDS. If you have minimum income Rs.2,50,000 per year than you have compulsory, deduct the TDS in your salary. It is required by the income tax department act, and deducted salary is deposit with the government. If the employee has don’t salary as the limitation, they will not deduct the TDS from their salary, and they don’t need to issue form 16.

Diwali Rangoli Designs

The culture of rangoli for Diwali goes back around 5000 years. The rangoli not only decorate the floor, entrances of houses, courtyards but it has had religious and cultural meaning. The purpose of making rangoli on the various special occasions, festivals and marriage functions are that to welcome the Hindu lords like Lakshmi, to bring good luck. Rangoli made by the women on the clean and smooth surface at the main entrance of a house.

Diwali Rangoli Designs

Diwali Rangoli Designs

Source: Flower Rangoli Designs – Rangoli Flower Designs

The rangoli made in various colors, colored rice, flowers and many colorful dies. After that rangoli decorated by colorful oil lamps. Rangoli made in different shapes and size; generally, women make a rangoli of flowers, birds, faces of God Goodes like Lakshmi, Ganesha, swastika, day and other geometric shapes. In the south, India people called Deepavali of the Diwali. The name of rangoli is changed as different places.

Beautiful rangoli designs and patterns made at the entrance of Indian homes for welcoming guests. Rangoli is considered as a good luck symbol. Rangoli is traditional art across India. The primary purpose of making rangoli on the Diwali Festival. The Diwali is happiness and lightening festival in all India. Among all festivals, Diwali is the big and critical festival of Hindu.

In the Diwali festival, every woman makes rangoli on their main entrance. Women make various floral designs, geometrical patterns on the floor. The most common way to make rangoli is by hand. Rangoli rendered on the thumb and first two fingers. There are also different ways to making rangoli.

Why Cleaning A Laminated Floor is Hard


Cleaning is the most important thing in our house, office, workplace, garden, kitchen, toilet or any place where you want to live. If the place where you live are dirty and having so dusty, then you don’t have peace of your mind.

Everybody who doesn’t want to live in dirty or dust having places must have clean up their floor first. If your floor is neat and clean, you love to live in that place where you are. But the problem is how to clean up the laminate floor like a new.

Easy to Clean Your Laminated Floor:

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Why is Shark Steam Mop best to clean Laminated Floor?


The laminated floor is very sleek but so hard to clean because of having very glib and smoothness. So, it is very hard to clean laminated floor for all. But here we are going to introduce you the best cleaning product which is Shark Steam Mop.

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7 Tax Habits That Will Save Your Life

People hate taxes to their guts, and they are right to some extent. They are complicated and sometimes too much. No one would like to pay the hard earned money. We came up with ideas that will not only help you get wealthier but also improve the overall tax profile without spending too much of taxes. Without further ado here are the seven tax habits that can save your life!

Take Holistic View

Yes, the word sounds like some financial nerd giving lectures on something we never heard. To make it simple, the holistic perspective stands for making sure the tax planning is included in the overall financial planning.

Make your documents always ready

Papers and strict procedures are the evils which can ruin the fiscal paying experience; they are the one who makes the process so complicated for the layman. There are some forms and some annexures you need to keep ready for next tax season.

Make sure you have PAN Card!

The whole Indian taxation system runs on the single card, PAN. PAN stands for Personal Account Number, and it can be obtained by filling up the Form 49A. It doesn’t matter if you are a person or business, a tax paying entity must have a PAN card. In case you don’t have PAN card at this moment then you can fill the Form 60/61.

Utilize Pension Fund

Pension funds are the deductions sometimes available to taxpayers. Make sure you have filled with the EPF Forms 19 correctly and attached all the documents mentioned in the pension funds.

Tax Deducted at Source

It is popularly known as TDS; various forms helps you go through the long and tedious processes. Make sure that you fill up the Forms like Form 26AS, which helps income tax department determine the total advance tax payments and other details.

We hope that you liked our article on tax habits, make sure to know about all the Forms you visit the and comment your questions and queries.